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  • Q: I'm a little confused on the personality of the cat... when I've looked it up, breed descriptions have said they are cuddly cats, but that they are also independent. ... They're both cuddly and independent...? So they both need attention ... and don't need attention..? I'm confused. lol."
    A: So personality as a whole, BSH and BLH are one of the kindest and friendliest cats in breeds. They can be calm and quiet for most of the time (kittens can be more hyper), but they can also get a little hyper (usually just 2-3 hours a day) for a while. Boys and girls all have beautiful characteristics (gene is important, so ask other breeders about the personalities of parents), but as what I experienced so far, the girls are a little bit smarter.They won’t ask for attention all the time, if you ignore them several times, they won’t stick with you. And it depends on how reliable you are to them.
  • Q: What's it like to live with this cat? Do they follow you around, do they want to be petted and paid attention to? (That might be answered in the above question, if so, you can skip this question.)"
    A: I just love BSH and BLH so much! That is why I insist myself to breed BSH and BLH. They sometimes do follow around, but they won’t stick with you all the time. Just prepare enough toys and cat trees around the house, so they can play by themselves.
  • Q: They're part persian, and I've read persian cats can get oily fur and need a bath. Have you ever had to bathe your cat, like not for a show but just because their coats were oily and needed it? "
    A: So I do have a boy who has oily skin (he is the only one so far, longhair). They are just like humans, we all can have different types of skins, so I don’t take it as something for any breed. Moreover, diets can be important, if cats eat too oily food, they can have oily skin too.
  • Q: If so, do you start to train your cats as kittens to accept a bath? Do they bathe ok? I've seen persians that actually seem to really enjoy being groomed a lot. (If no to needing to bathe the cat, you can skip this question)"
    A: I don’t give kittens baths before 4 months, due to low immune systems. If you introduce the bath right, they can be very chill. So far all my cats are fine with bathing. All of my cats enjoy how clean they are after baths so far. But don’t over bathing them, and choose a good shampoo and conditioner!
  • Q: How often do you have to brush your cats, and do they enjoy it? (I never met a cat that didn't like to be brushed, but then I read that some cats don't. o_O' Weirded me out.) "
    A: For longhair, I do it daily for 5-30 mins, I brush longhair before bed so both of us are calm and chill. And it depends essentially on the quality of the combs and brushes. PetSmart’s combs and brushes sucks. For shorthair, I only comb often when it is the season of shedding.
  • Q: Do they shed abnormally a lot? I know all cats shed a lot, even most short hair ones. But I think ragdolls actually abnormally shed a whole a lot. Are they like that or just standard cat-hair-everywhere shedding? Or do you brush them a lot and they shed less...? "
    A: Depends on how you feed them. Eat the right diets is important, and depends on the immune system. I never experience abnormal sheddings. It is the same thing as humans, depends on skin, immune system, diets (sodium), and a lot of other reasons.
  • Q: Do you know how they get along with other cats? How do they get along with each other?
    A: The same as humans, we all have different personalities, and like or dislike each other with no specific reasons. My cats are friendly with each other so far, but when you introduce a new cat to your buddy, it takes time.
  • Q: You have a beautiful white cat. Have you ever had your cat get dirty or her fur stained to any degree? If so, ... how do you deal with it with a white cat? Does it grow out, shave it off, bathe it out? lol is there a spot stain remover for white cats? Is that not a problem?(if you cat dips her paw in for a drop of coffee does it come up stained? If she is allowed to go in the backyard, does she get her paws or bottom dirty from sitting?) "
    A: It is not white color, but Blue Golden Shaded Point colors. I do hope you can install Instagram or Facebook to check out all my posts, I have pictures of my beautiful babies, and you can see directly if they can get dirty and dusty. I mean it depends on your house cleaning. My cats are still very “white”. If fur stained, for example the oily skin boy, I bath him if I think he looks stinky. Just bath the spot if you need to, and cats all have the ability to clean themselves, and I don’t recommend you leaving tea or coffee on desk, caffeine can easily kill cats. And I don’t recommend to play outside often at all, since they are pure breed (they don’t experience any outdoor lives from the beginning of their ancestors, so the immune system is different than a cat from outdoor).
  • Q: As a cat owner, ...what do you use for kitty litter? I remember getting so much litter tracked around everywhere. My cat slept with me every night, it was like sleeping on the beach there was so much sand. I think I switched to some clay stuff or something. Is there a better litter? What do you use? "
    A: Frisco from Chewy website. And Tofu litter (not common in the USA, but popular in Asia and Europe, and I decide to start Tofu litter from the beginning of 2020. Less dust, no harmful chemical things in litter, which is safer).
  • Q: Do they like travel? I don't think most cats do, but I think some breeds do, like Maine Coon, American Bobtail, Japanese Bobtail, Perisan, there are probably others... I remember seeing as part of a documentary, a guy who was a trucker and had a cat sidekick in his truck! lol. (It was an American cat, I don't remember if maine coon or american bobtail.) ... I can't think of any cats I've ever met who would like that at all, they all like routine and are generally scared of new environments,would probably run off and get lost from being scared, but most of the cats I've had were rescues and came from some kind of background that was less than ideal. ... But these are part persian, so, how are they with traveling around? Do you have to take them to shows and stuff, or do they like kicking around the car and visiting your friends? lol -- idk, how do you even travel with a cat, haha.) "
    A: Depends on personalities, and how they grow up. It is not about of breeds, experience is the most important facts that can affect them to like travel or not.
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