Lulu Starlord

of Auroraneko

Awww, She is just my very very favorite girl of all!

The best personality, the best looking, and the best mama ever!

I love her wonderful big round eyes, and I feel so in love when I look into these.

Color: Bri ay25

Auroraneko Annie

Daughter of Lulu. 

She is just like an unreal fairy from fantasy stories.

Big round eye, with cute mini nose. I definitely cannot stand with this innocent face!

She also helps Lulu taking care of new born babies, such a sweet girl!

Color: BLH ay11 33


Lemurcat Zaneta

of Auroraneko

She is a really special girl.

I decide to bring her into our Auroraneko family when I see her from the first sight. She is such a nice sweet girl who has very tender heart

Moreover, she has one of the rarest color: Lilac Golden Chinchilla.

Color: Bri cy12


Charles Hunter Audrey

of Auroraneko

My new girl, one of the top bloodline from the combination of Euro and China. 

Looking forward to see her shows soon!

Color: Bri ny11


Auroraneko Souffle

Gorgeous longhair girl, with funny personality.

Loves to play with human and try to act like us. Such a funny girl!

Looking forward of her growth!

Color: BLH ay11


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