Lulu Starlord

of Auroraneko

Awww, She is just my very very favorite girl of all!

The best personality, the best looking, and the best mama ever!

I love her wonderful big round eyes, and I feel so in love when I look into these.

Color: Bri ay25

Auroraneko Annie

Daughter of Lulu. 

She is just like an unreal fairy from fantasy stories.

Big round eye, with cute mini nose. I definitely cannot stand with this innocent face!

She also helps Lulu taking care of new born babies, such a sweet girl!

Color: BLH ay11 33


Lemurcat Zaneta

of Auroraneko

She is a really special girl.

I decide to bring her into our Auroraneko family when I see her from the first sight. She is such a nice sweet girl who has very tender heart

Moreover, she has one of the rarest color: Lilac Golden Chinchilla.

Color: Bri cy12


Charles Hunter Audrey

of Auroraneko

My new girl, one of the top bloodline from the combination of Euro and China. 

Looking forward to see her shows soon!

Color: Bri ny11


Auroraneko Souffle

Gorgeous longhair girl, with funny personality.

Loves to play with human and try to act like us. Such a funny girl!

Looking forward of her growth!

Color: BLH ay11


Auroraneko Gin Guo

This girl is too too sweet! She always wants to be by my side. Follow me around the home all day long, and just want kiss kiss and hug hug from me! I love her so much! Such a sweet sweetheart.

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